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Managing during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Managing our mental and physical health during lockdown and the uncertainties that comr with COVID-19 can be difficult and create anxiety in any of us.

As a counsellor I am working with clients who are struggling at the moment. At times, I have also found the current situation difficult to deal with.

How do we deal with this in our day to day lives? Some of us are on furlough and facing job insecurities. We have all been placed in a situation which is not the norm. Not being able to meet family or friends and those of us who are working, having to change the way we work. 

This can lead to coping mechanisms to cope. E.g. Eating more, drinking more alcohol or taking  drugs.  Or perhaps, this ‘new normal’ has taken away coping mechanisms that we used in our lives previously to mask issues we were having difficulty with. E.g. being a workaholic

The question then remains how do we look after ourselves at this time? Reducing our isolation by talking to friends is important. Using technology to reach out such as having regular zoom sessions with friends and family. Reaching out and talking is really important.

It is important to create structure to your day. Have you thought about a hobby or volunteering? Sitting in front of the TV all day isn’t healthy. Regular exercise is good for us both mentally and physically.

Whatever you decide to do, doing what makes us feel good is good for our mental health. So after yourself and others
José Veiga MBACP

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